The Benefits of a Degree at Oregon Health and Science University

Oregon Health and Science University is an accredited university in Oregon, with a main campus, consisting of two colleges, and a third college affiliated with the university. It has a mission to foster high-quality education and research for its students, while also offering a diverse range of services to its members. Founded in 1887, it was known as the Oregon Agricultural College. It has moved into a new campus since and is now called The Oregon School of Medicine.

A large number of students go to Oregon Health and Science University each year so that they can earn a degree in any number of medical and health-related disciplines. They may choose to specialize, such as specializing in radiology, or general, like an associate’s degree in nutrition. They can also pursue a bachelor’s degree through an online program, in the hopes that it will lead to their future goals. This university has a number of unique benefits and opportunities for its graduates.

Oregon Health and Science University offers:

Oregon Health and Science University offer many educational programs to fit a variety of needs and interests. Students can choose an associate’s degree in Nursing, or an associate’s degree in Counseling, both of which offer training in areas related to counseling, mental health, and other areas of the psychological and social sciences. They can then move on to a doctorate or doctoral program in clinical psychology, social work, or other related fields, and earn their master’s degrees or doctorates.

Other programs offered at Oregon Health and Science University, such as a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, an online Bachelor’s of Science in Education (BSE), and a Master’s of Education (ME) are very popular with students looking for the opportunity to advance their education. The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) program prepares students to teach in the school system or in a community college. It is designed for those students who want to specialize in elementary education, or are willing to teach in a classroom setting.

The Educational Opportunities offered through the Department:

The Educational Opportunities offered through the Department of Health Education Services are particularly beneficial to many students looking for career advancement. These students can take classes in health care education, child development, or child behavioral management, among other topics. This department also conducts internship programs, which students can complete for a stipend payment and gain hands-on experience in the field of healthcare.

Oregon Health and Science University are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Higher Education and a member of the Association of Schools and Colleges. If you are interested in this great institution and what it has to offer, be sure to contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs to find out more.

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